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My name is Michael Mezhinsky. I am a Registered Piano Technician and have tuned, repaired, reconditioned and rebuilt pianos since 1974. I do a lot of work on used pianos and have seen many instances where people bought used pianos on their own which were in bad condition and which required lots of work and follow-on expenses in order to get them functioning properly. This has become even more prevalent in the recent past, as people now have much more access to private sellers through the Internet, especially through There are many good bargains to be had on used pianos via private sellers, but I have also seen many instances where seemingly good bargains turn into nightmares because the buyers purchase pianos with major issues. Often times, people buy used pianos for their children not thinking that the quality of the piano matters much since the children are just starting to learn how to play. What they don't realize is that children require a piano with very touch sensitive keys and good tone and that purchasing a quality piano will substantially increase a child's success in learning how to play. Regardless of whether the piano is purchased for a child or an adult, purchasing a quality used piano can save you lots of unnecessary expenses and headaches down the road.

So I decided to make this website in order to show potential used piano buyers how to do a basic self-examination of a used piano prior to buying it. There are lots of used pianos out there and I hope that my website will help you stay away from problematic ones so that you are happy with your used piano purchase. Of course, the safest way to make sure you are getting a good piano is to ask an experienced piano technician to look at it. If you would like to utilize my services, you can call 412-881-0883 to make an appointment or go to my website for more information on my services and references. I can either perform a full on site piano evaluation for a reasonable fee or you can call me at the number above if you have questions I might be able to answer over the phone, which I would be happy to do free of charge. But if you decide to do a used piano examination on your own, this website should help you.

In order to perform a piano evaluation you need to have the following:
1) Handheld electric lamp and 10-15 ft extension cord because pianos are often located in dark corners with no electrical outlets next to them. A flashlight is not as good as an electric lamp because it only lightens a small focus area and you might miss crucial details in your examination.
2) Small 1/8’ tip and large 5/16’ tip screwdriver for removing outer case parts, if needed.
3) Paper and pencil for taking notes.
4) Tape measure.
Bring all this equipment with you to examine the piano. Click here or on the Step 1 link in the navigation menu above to get directions for beginning your examination.